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Nurture, Nature and Choices

I like to believe that I am a wild blend of nurture, nature and my choices each and every day. Choices made better by experiences, learning and the people I choose to be around.  So rather than being you could say that I´m in a perpetual state of becoming.

That being said, this is what I do...

Started out singing in a church choir but fell in love with jazz and blues in my teenage years. Through my classical training as a young girl I discovered the potential of the human voice and somehow knew I needed to see how far I could expand my own and just how fantastical I could make the sounds that were coming out of my mouth.

I wanted to see if I could combine the pure emotion of my jazz singing with the technical aspect that created those otherworldly sounds of classical singing.

I believe I´ve achieved that, and I work every day to become even better.


vocal coach

Teaching is something so ingrained in the human psyche. I believe it is a sacred art and something to be respected! I mean, where would you be without all your teachers through the years??

As a vocal coach, I am so very proud to be able to teach others what was for many years such a mystery to myself. 

Singing and teaching really make up the cornerstones of my life but there are so many other elements I couldn´t live without... The things that add to the beauty of my life and just make it that much more savory are...

a day in the life of...

Pile Of Books
Pouring Coffee



Working Out in Gym
Healthy Loaf of Bread
Food Photography Staging
Red Wine

Proud sourdough mama...


Red wine...

with coffee, obviously

this might be my happy place..

working out...

all-time favorite hobby

Tempranillo being a special favorite

How can you work with me

Just send me a message and I´ll get right back to you!

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