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Trust and control cannot happen at the same time!

Technique like discipline will set you free. Once it’s in your blood.

Becoming a great opera singer demands such a huge amount of work in aligning your instrument i.e developing your technique.

It’s a rollercoaster of observation, trial, error, wins, losses, adjusting, trying again. Controlling your process - mental, spiritual and physical.

At some point though you have to let go of control and start trusting that what you have worked on will be there for you. Any singer that has ever moved anyone has had to let go of control - let go of micromanaging every detail of their performance and surrender to, well, the unknown. It starts with control but it ends in surrender. In performance you let your instincts, your soul, your light take over.

I have always thought of voices as the extension of a persons soul. So, as an opera singer your technique serves as a funnel through which your soul can communicate or vibrate with those of others on the highest frequency.

And in this communication is where the magic of opera lives! It lives in the voices - in the vibrations connecting us.

In opera you have text, you have characters and a story but in my opinion, it is the sound that has the biggest effect.

Experiencing a voice flowing smoothly from the heart and core of singer, through a meticulously worked instrument creates vibrations that travel through space, creating a ripple effect that finally reaches the audience and moves them, moves their own vibrations to vibrate at a higher frequency and the connection, already existing between us, is made stronger.

We’re all already connected - in that perfect moment it was just made so much clearer!

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